FDA concludes that evidence indicates many third party independent service providers deliver safe and effective medical devices

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David Anbari, AMDSO Chairman, speaks with Beyond Clean

This week on Beyond Clean we speak with David Anbari, Chief Executive Officer of Mobile Instrument Service and Repair, a national provider of repair and maintenance services for reusable surgical equipment.  David brings a diverse background in industries outside health care to Mobile.  He blends his background in finance, technology, and operations to bring innovative solutions to enable providers to maximize their investment in surgical equipment.  Recently, David has been a vocal advocate for the independent medical service industry including multiple speaking engagements as well as presenting at the FDA’s workshop on the issue.  He serves as chairman of AMDSO (Association of Medical Device Service Organizations) which is a trade association advocating for the right to repair and for strong quality systems for the servicing industry.  Though David did not grow up in health care, he brings a practical business focused perspective to the industry’s challenge
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