Demonstrate your support to choose how you service your medical devices! 
Don't let Congress take away your right to choose the best option for you.

The FDA is preparing a report to Congress (due in June 2018) that could include regulatory changes for servicing of reusable medical devices.  Device manufacturers are arguing to apply manufacturing rules to independent service companies that could eliminate your right to choose who services your devices.  Without an independent service option, repair prices will rise; customer service will decline; and manufacturers will be able to force unnecessary upgrades by taking away service.  Manufacturers have argued that the lack of oversight for independent service firms undermines device safety -- despite studies that indicate there is no harm caused by independent service firms.  You can learn more about this issue and the report by reading this link.

Let the FDA know you want the right to choose service providers by electronically signing the statement below:

"I support the right of reusable medical device owners to choose who services their equipment.  If manufacturing rules are applied to service companies, then manufacturers should make their knowledge and parts available service providers to ensure a level playing field.  Without evidence of a problem, there is no case for the FDA to impose new rules on device service companies.  I am concerned repairs will cost more; take longer to complete; and be accompanied by poor customer service.  I am also concerned  that manufacturers will use their control of repairs to force upgrades to their older equipment."


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